About The Diagnostic Cenre

The Diagnostic Centre was formed in Guernsey in 2012 to provide convenient, expert and cutting edge diagnostics services.

Over the past three years we have built upon that desire to provide the very latest and best options for patients and we are now offering a much greater range of services.

We aim to be at the cutting edge of what we do, we leave the ordinary to others. Service, convenience and expertise is at the centre of everything that we do. We aim to provide this in the most convenient and professional circumstances.

Our process for deciding what we provide is based first and foremost on excellence, only after that do we look at cost, which is unusual in the world of healthcare today. We look around the world, analyse the best practice, whether that is in the USA, Europe or Asia, then design a way we can deliver it.

We work to the highest clinical, ethical and professional standards to provide you with the most convenient and cutting-edge technology that will help you improve your health and continue to live your life.

We are always looking to expand our services and we currently provide ABPM, Phlebotomy, Medicines Review, and a range of aesthetic services. We are especially excited about ZO skincare range that we have introduced, it is designed by the world leading Dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi and really is a revelation in skin care.

Meet the team:

Niall Kealy MRPharmS GPhC MPharm(Hons) MIoD

Niall trained as a pharmacist at The Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, one of the leading pharmacy schools in the British Isles. Since entering into the medical field Niall has been a leader in his field at representative level from student times to the current day. Having gained extensive experience in some of the countries leading hospitals, it was through attention to detail, creating great relationships with patients and colleagues alike and always keeping the patient at the centre of all decisions.

“Before we do any treatments its vital that we really understand what the patient wants and needs. It is from this base that we can have a satisfied patient, and a long and happy relationship.”