Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is very important in assessing your true blood pressure measurement. At your doctor’s office a measurement is just a snapshot of your blood pressure,  the ABPM test measures you blood-pressure every 15 to 30 min for 24 hours of your normal day and tells us what your actual blood pressure is over the full day.

The test is carried out by The Diagnostic Centre using the BPro wrist device or a standard cuff ambulatory blood pressure monitor if necessary. The BPro device is a cutting edge blood pressure monitor that looks just like a watch and is worn on the wrist. It painlessly takes readings every 15 min for a full 24 hours.

Health Screening

Wellman & Wellwoman examinations

These are head to toe physical examinations that include a discussion of current medical complaints and a plan for the future. In addition, a full blood profile is conducted to give an excellent overview of your health.

Your report will also include nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, specialist referral recommendations, assessment of risk factors and recommendations on reducing health risk factors, follow-up recommendations, and a full blood profile.

Allergy Testing

Testing for allergens and other intolerances

An allergy is the response of the body’s immune system to normally harmless substances, such as pollens, foods, and house dust mite. Whilst in most people these substances (allergens) pose no problem, in allergic individuals their immune system identifies them as a’ threat’ and produces an inappropriate response. Allergic reactions are caused by substances in the environment known as allergens.

Pathology Testing

For Diagnostics, recovery monitoring and treatment

We offer a huge range of testing that is at the forefront of diagnostics. From the most advanced cardiac tests to screening tests that may indicate certain cancers or other illnesses. You can self refer for this or ask your doctor for a request. In most circumstances your private health insurance may pay for testing if it has been requested by your doctor. Please discuss this with TDC before commencing with any testing.

PLAC Testing

Exclusively in Guernsey at The Diagnostic Centre

Perhaps you have no history of cardiovascular events. In that case, your doctor may order the PLAC Test for Lp-PLA2 Activity to assess risk factors. These factors may extend beyond standard risk factors, like cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Assessing all risk factors may help to lower your concern and your doctor’s about your risk for coronary heart disease events.