Why use ABPM?

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) is very important in assessing your true blood pressure measurement. At your doctor’s office a measurement is just a snapshot of your blood pressure,  the ABPM test measures you blood-pressure every 15 to 30 min for 24 hours of your normal day and tells us what your actual blood pressure is over the full day.

It is important that you carryout your normal activities as near as possible. ABPM can identify some key areas of interest, including night time blood pressure and average blood pressure throughout the day. These cannot be easily tested in any other way.

ABPM can also ensure that our treatments are working, especially at the key times of the day. We will also be able to see if we need to make any modifications, always remembering that we aim to get the smallest amount of medicine to control your blood pressure which may mean we work up to the required dose of medicine in small increments. Every patient is truly different, and this is something that we recognise and plan for.

Why check BP?

High blood pressure increases your risk of many conditions including heart-attack, heart failure, renal disease and many more. This is why it’s very important to ensure that BP is appropriately controlled.

What is BPro ambulatory monitoring?

The test is carried out by The Diagnostic Centre using the BPro wrist device or a standard cuff ambulatory blood pressure monitor if necessary.

The BPro device is a cutting edge blood pressure monitor that looks just like a watch and is worn on the wrist. It painlessly takes readings every 15 min for a full 24 hours.

The device will be carefully fitted by The Diagnostic Centre at a time of your convenience. Fitting normally takes in the region of 15 minutes and 24 hours later the test will be complete and and the watch returned. The Diagnostic Centre will download the data, and send the results to your doctor the same day. Your doctor will then discuss the results of your test with you at your next appointment.

What happens next?

If your blood pressure is found to be abnormal your doctor will prescribe treatment for you. This may or may not be tablets. We aim to gain full control of your blood pressure and ABPM can be repeated to ensure that full blood pressure control is being achieved by your treatment.

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